Heisler Park Beach Access

Heisler Park Beach Access

Beach Access Heisler Park Laguna Beach Photos

Heisler Park Beach Access to:

Picnic Beach – Picnic Beach is the beach at the north end of Heisler Park between Rockpile to the south and Diver’s Cove to the north.  Picnic Beach is right below Heisler Park. There is a long ramp near Myrtle Street at the North End of Heisler Park that takes you down to Picnic Beach.

Rockpile Beach – Rockpile Beach is located below the south end of Heisler Park between Picnic Beach to the west and Main Beach to the east. Access to Rockpile Beach is at the middle of the cove from Heisler Park, near Jasmine. There are also a set of stairs at the west end of the cove near the lawn bowling club.

Diver’s Cove – Diver’s Cove is located at the north end of Heisler Park between Fisherman’s Cove and Picnic Beach. There is a public beach access stairway adjacent to the Diver’s Cove Condominium building.

Main Beach Park – Main Beach Park is just south of Rockpile Beach and Heisler Park

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